Tax Service

We are a trusted provider of CPA (Certified Public Accountant) services specifically tailored to the real estate sector.

Corporate Tax Filing

Have your taxes prepared by an experienced tax accountant familiar with business tax legislation within your sector. We'll ensure you maximize your eligible credits and deductions, enabling your company to retain greater profits.

Tax Prep for Individuals

You toil diligently for your earnings, and we won't let excessive taxes erode them. Don't gamble with expensive errors; entrust your filing to a bona fide tax expert. Our meticulous service ensures you'll never pay more than you should.

Tax Planning Services

Tax planning is crucial for reducing tax liabilities. We employ diverse tax planning methods to lower tax burdens for both businesses and individuals. We also provide additional tax services for future preparedness, such as estate planning, succession planning, and retirement planning.

Daybooks, CPA provides tax services tailored to your requirements and budget, whether you're a small business owner or an individual.

Being a local Los Angeles, CA CPA Firm, it is our priority to stay updated on tax law revisions, enabling us to offer the latest tax planning strategies and precise tax preparation services to the community.

Accept our invitation for an initial consultation and discover how we can assist in maximizing your tax savings. Contact us at 310-439-0800 to schedule an appointment.

Our Approach.

We're not complicated!!!

Efficiently managing finances in an organized way with a minimalist and precise approach, allowing clients to accurately monitor their financial situation.
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